One of the assignments I was givenwas to create 3D Minecraft themed static scene in HTML using WebGL. The purpose of this task was to learn how to create simple vertex/fragment shaders for WebGL. For me this looked like an opportunity to build my own "game engine" from the ground up, so I decided to go the extra mile. 

First, I recreated a chunck of the first stage of Super Mario Bros. for the NES using voxels, and then I began working on some extra features to allow certain level of interaction. Keyboard inputs could be used to jump and move Mario around and to change the shader used to render the scene. The mouse could control the camera rotation. 

This small scene can be played on any modern browser by just opening an .html file. Unfortunately, this paltform does not allow me to upload WebGL content, so I am not able to attach the game to this page. Instead, I placed a download button below for anyone interested in playing or checking out the code. Here are the instructions on how to play this Mario scene using a mouse and keyboard.

Instructions on how to play this game.

Mario in WebGL