Delivery On Time

About this game

In Delivery on Time, a beer delivery guy has to collect as much money as possible before the time is up by getting boxes of beer to the different bars in town.

In this game, the player has to buy the boxes from a beer truck and then deliver them (before they get warm!) in order to collect money. The delivery guy can also make some extra money by dropping warm and empty boxes to one of the recycling spots in the level. Furthermore, players can increase their delivering capabilities by picking up the different power ups that spawn during the game. Stack as many boxes as possible to speed up the work!

Beer Jam 2022 By San Miguel

This little project is the game that my team delivered at the end of the Beer Jam 2022 by San Miguel, an event that consisted in developing a beer themed game in just 3 days. It won the first place.

"Beers & Games" is the name of the team I and 3 amazing artists (@jaumander, @naadria, @o_o.laura.s_art.o_o) were part of. For the development of this project I was the only designer and programmer.

Delivery on Time is available for PC, Linux and Mac devices.